Life Insurance Financed Equity

Life Insurance Financed Equity (L.I.F.E.) is a partial financing strategy that delivers impressive benefits similar to traditional premium financing.

This program is an ideal alternative for those seeking a lower net-worth minimum threshold and less strict lender requirements.

Benefits of L.I.F.E.

Accessible Plan Engagement

With a net worth of $2.5M required to participate, this option offers a lower barrier to entry with many of the same benefits as traditional premium financing.

Continued Growth Opportunities

In most cases, the policy’s cash value is used as collateral for the loan, allowing you to continue investing wealth in other high-returning assets.

Robust Retirement Distributions

This plan can super-charge tax-free retirement benefits. The additional leverage provides the highest projected stream of retirement distributions.

L.I.F.E Tax Saving Benefits

Along with tax-deferred growth and tax-free retirement distribution, when properly structured, permanent tax-free death benefits ensure beneficiaries will receive maximum returns. These funds can be funneled toward any remaining estate tax payments, therefore ensuring the ones you love are financially sound. There is also tax-free access to account values when using loans.

How L.I.F.E. is Unique

Unlike traditional premium financing options that typically require a minimum net worth of $10M or more, Life Insurance Financed Equity is a partial financing option that allows high-income investors with a net worth of $2.5M in assets or investments to strategically save for retirement and access additional tax benefits.

With the individual initially funding a portion of the plan and relying on additional lender funding to cover the remaining payments, this strategy can boost potential retirement income while also (in most cases) using their policy as collateral.

Additional plan advantages include:

  • Permanent death benefit, including 10 pay and 15 pay options
  • Allows 1035 exchanges
    Has a broad range of plan designs, including 5, 7, and 10 pay for retirement distributions
  • No outside collateral for virtually all plans
  • Annual “lock-in” of earnings and downside protection if the capital markets lose value
  • Policy can be owned by a trust, llc, single member LILP, and other structures
  • Can also be structured as a business-sponsored policy for owners and key executives

Disclaimer: Life Insurance Financed Equity is offered by Goheen Companies in partnership with Optimus Life Designs.


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