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Shawn Goheen

Shawn Goheen

President & Founder


Meet Shawn

Shawn Goheen is nationally recognized through out the country specializing in premium finance life insurance. He is a 28yr veteran in the insurance industry and his reputation has been solely built on relationships and his ethical doings. While dominating this market he holds his family above all, he works along side his wife which whom he considers the backbone of his success and his daughter who is following in his footsteps in the life insurance and premium finance world. Shawn makes sure to stay well rounded with multiple hobbies including his enjoyment for golf, fishing, hunting and a love for his highly specialized field trial dogs.

Shawn separates himself being one of the top leaders in the premium finance market because of his close knit insurance carrier relationships, strong ties with over 15+ specialty lenders and loan programs, and he prides himself working as an Advisor to Advisors looking to grow their practice giving them sales opportunities that they would not be able to access on their own. Shawn is one of the few advisors in the country that has exclusive access to this market and the resources he’s given. Shawn continues to expand and focuses on welcoming CPAs, estate planning attorneys, wealth management firms, etc.