Give the Gift of Life Insurance this Holiday Season

Sometimes the best gifts are ones you won’t find under the tree.

As exciting as it is to wake up to a pile of beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree, there’s no greater gift than the act of making sure your loved ones’ financial futures are secure even after you’re gone.

This holiday season, give your loved ones the best possible gift by purchasing a life insurance plan that will help ensure your legacy is preserved for the long-term. 

A Package that Fits Your Needs, Tied Up with a Bow

Just because a company offers premium financing doesn’t necessarily mean they have the expertise and industry connections needed to create a premium finance policy that will deliver the results you’re looking for.

At Goheen Companies, we make the process incredibly easy for our customers, handling all the upfront details like requesting the attending physician statements, gathering forms, doctor reports, and scheduling medical exams to securing the financing and annual reviews. 

Plus, our vast network of banks and insurance carriers allows us to shop around and craft the best possible policy, tailored to your needs. 

We can create your dream policy and package it up like a beautiful Christmas present! 

With more than $1 billion in managed premiums and many satisfied customers — we even have a 97% persistency rate this year — we’re confident that we can design a policy that will make you as happy as a kid on Christmas morning! 

Not Sure if Financing is Right For You? Think Again.

In the past, the benefits of premium financing may have seemed unattainable for you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need a net worth of $5 million or more to access these advantages. We have a new plan hitting the industry that is available for high income earners and a much lower net worth.  In the words of everyone’s favorite Christmas elf: 

Goheen Companies’ newest product, L.I.F.E. - Life Insurance Financed Equity, allows you to access the benefits of premium financing with less stringent requirements. By using partial financing, individuals can purchase larger life insurance policies with less out of pocket, securing their legacy for future generations and creating a super-charged tax-free retirement strategy.

Don’t wait any longer to start experiencing the benefits of premium or partial financing. Our team at Goheen Companies is ready to help you design the perfect policy with industry-leading turnaround speeds. Contact us today to get started.