Goheen Companies: Leaders in Premium Finance with a Legacy of Excellence

Learn more about the journey of Goheen Companies and what sets us apart as a leader in the Premium Finance market for over 32 years.

For over 32 years, Goheen Companies has been a leader in the Premium Finance market, providing innovative wealth-creation strategies to high-net-worth individuals. Built on a foundation of trust, relationships, and ethical practices, Goheen Companies has set the golden standard within the industry.

The Beginnings

Goheen Companies was founded as a family business by Shawn Goheen, a leader in the premium finance market. Shawn distinguished himself by cultivating strong relationships with insurance carriers and developing ties with over 15+ specialty lenders and loan programs. His expertise and extensive network sets Goheen Companies apart as a trusted advisor to advisors, offering exclusive opportunities and resources that would be difficult to access independently.

What Makes Us Different

At the core of Goheen Companies lies a team with a collective experience of over 100 years in the insurance industry, particularly within the Premium Finance market. With a deep understanding of the industry and a relentless commitment to client satisfaction, Goheen Companies has successfully managed over $1 billion of premium finance life insurance. This impressive track record is exemplified by an extensive portfolio, which includes over 1000 satisfied clients and the successful delivery of more than 260 projects. 

Goheen Companies understands the importance of prompt and efficient service which is why a prompt 24-hour turnaround time is offered for client inquiries. By handling the underwriting process alongside other necessary approvals, such as medical evaluations, Goheen Companies ensures a fast and streamlined experience for your clients. From illustrations and medical underwriting to financial underwriting, our comprehensive suite of services simplifies the entire process, allowing you to navigate the complexities of premium finance with ease.

Recognizing the significance of tailored wealth solutions, Goheen Companies has fostered partnerships with over 40 insurance carriers and 15+ banking providers. These strategic alliances enable us to compare rates and available plans, maximizing the performance of life insurance assets and securing their clients' futures with customized solutions.

The Simplicity Group Acquisition

The recent acquisition of Goheen Companies by The Simplicity Company marks an exciting milestone in the company's history. With this partnership, Goheen Companies gains access to Simplicity's extensive resources, further enhancing their offering and benefiting clients. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and premium finance solutions, clients can expect an elevated level of service, advanced tools, and a tailored approach to meet their unique needs. Together, Goheen Companies and The Simplicity Company are positioned to lead your clients toward a more prosperous financial future.